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Ep.167 Zack Snyder’s Justice League Review! A Batgirl Film on the Way!? MCU, DC & Horror News! A Toys R Us Come Back? Life is Strange True Colors! Brit Baker Vs Thunder Rosa AEW’s Instant Classic!

March 19, 2021

 This week we finally see Zack Snyder's Vision in Justice League. Hear our thoughts! Plus of course the latest in nerd news and what has Square Enix brought to the table for this year! All this and more on the amazing nerd show!


Time Stamps:

Toys R Us Resurrected!?-00:00

The New Batgirl?- 06:27

Secret Invasion casts its Villian?- 09:22

Big Movie Delays- 10:17

Texas Chainsaw Update- 12:25

Movie inspired by let the right one in!?- 14:39

Justice League Review- 15:56

Square Enix Event!- 41:08

This Week in Wrestling- 44:50


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